Reflex Slide 4 doors

White/White + Rovere

Coffee/Coffee + White

Cinnamon/Cinnamon + White

Reflex Slide 4 doors

> PRODUCT IN MDP - Ecologically correct.
> BICOLORES DOORS - More color options with less stock.
TELESCOPIC SLIDES - Smooth sliding and increased resistance.
> DIVISION IT AND SHE - It facilitates the organization for couple, are 8 drawers and accessories that make the product complete.
> 4 SLIDING DOORS - allied with sliding doors that fit the smallest space for opening.
> 6 SCREW MIRRORS - The mirrors give beauty and greater amplitude to the room, besides security due to being screwed.
> ALUMINUM HOLDERS AND CABLES - Longer durability and beauty.
> INTERNAL WITH STANDARD COLOR - All products regardless of color, have internal all white, which provides a cleaner look.

Files Assembly Scheme


Height: 2350mm | Width: 2640mm | Depth: 555mm

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